House of

Body Care & Spa

House of Phreedah body care & spa was established in Lagos Nigeria in the year 2013 with a commitment to providing the best range of Skin care and cosmetic products that suites various skin and body types. With our wealth of experience and expertise, we have understood that clients have various body types, this is why we have a wide range of  products and also offer services that meet each of our clients  demand. House of Phreedah body care & spa is currently one of the Leading Cosmetic and skincare brands  in  Nigeria today.

Our objective is to develop a close personal relationship with our clients in order to provide the best possible customer service and to support the growth and development of the body and skin care industry.

Our Team is filled with highly creative and innovative people who are up to date with beauty and body care trends and make sure they are breast with all new happenings.  As part of our commitment to providing outstanding customer service, we have dedicated staffs with skills ranging from consultations,to skin test, spa treatment  and professional advise on skin care.

House of Phreedah Body Care & Spa is owned and managed by Mrs Sobowale Farida (Dr. Phreedah)

Meet Dr. Phreedah

Mrs Sobowale Farida popular called Dr. Phreedah is a professional Body Care & Spa therapist.